2016 Two Blondes Merlot - Andrew Will Winery


Andrew Will Winery

This has a higher percentage of Merlot then typical in this blend because it was a great vintage for this varietal. When we create this blend, we do not have a set formula, we are looking for the wine that best shows off the vineyard for that vintage. Merlot is an early ripening grape and when the conditions and timing are right, you can get ample phenolic ripeness while maintaining freshness and elegance. Even though this was a warm vintage, Two Blondes is a cooler site, and this blend shows off this terroir in comparison to our other blends from warmer sites. The 2016 Vintage in Washington State started out quick during the spring, but in early June the weather returned to normal and thus lead to a start date of September 12th for picking. Harvest continued until October 25th with Cabernet Sauvignon from Two Blondes vineyard coming in. Right away we saw the high potential of the fruit and how this vintage would end up being another great vintage for us.