Washington State is the second-largest wine region in the United States

Cultivating over 70 grape varieties. Washington’s growers & vintners work in tandem to produce a combination of old world & new world styles.

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First Grapes Planted

Washington's first grapes are planted at Fort Vancouver by the Hudson's Bay Company.


Large-scale irrigation,

fueled by runoff from the melting snowcaps of the Cascade Mountains, begins in Eastern Washington.


Important vineyards spring up,

in the Yakima Valley --most notably the vineyards of W.B. Bridgman of Sunnyside.


Prohibition Ends At Last!

The 14 year dry era is over!!!


Dr. Walter Clore,

"The Father of Washington Wine," begins trials of grape varieties in eastern Washington to determine what would grow where and under what conditions.


Commercial vineyards are planted in Washington


Accociated Vintners is established

...later becoming Columbia Winery.


Ste. Michelle Vintners is established.

Now known as Chateau Ste. Michelle, its is Washington States Largest Winery.


Washington State hits 10 wineries


Yaikima Valley AVA is established

as Washington's first American Viticultural Area (AVA).


100 wineries milestone

January 2016

Wine Science Center

The state-of-the-art industry-funded Ste. Michelle Wine Estates WSU Wine Science Center opens in Richland, WA.


Washington State hits 1,000 wineries!


WinesOfWashintonState.com is established

Washington State has 16 unique growing regions.

Each AVA possesses a unique combination of climate, topography and soils that define the aromas and flavors of locally grown grapes and the wines crafted from them. Explore each region and discover your new favorite wine of Washington State below.

Washington State Winery of the Month

The small craft winery of Adrice Wines started in 2012 in Napa, CA when winemaker Pamela Adkins produced our first Rosé the Riveter Rosé with Napa Sangiovese grapes. We made only 19 cases…and didn’t even label the bottles except for handwriting “Adrice Wines” on each bottle along with a signature of the winemaker!

Adrice Wines

Washington Was Destined To Be World-Class Wine Country

Washington State Wine: Our Story

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